What are the fundamentals of crafting a story?

Well what is a story anyway? I mean if you think about it you’ll realise that a story is simply a narrative of a sequence of events.

Like the time I was in a training seminar and the exercise was to come up with 5 stories from our personal experience. And this guy comes up to me and he says. “You know when ever someone asks me to think of something like that my mind just goes blank”

And I said to him, “That’s great. And what’s your second story?”

Because of course he already had one right there. And he realised that could be the beginning of an interesting teaching tale.

There are just 5 key elements make up a story- whether that story is a couple of sentences long or 600 pages.

Time, Space, Character, Actions and Consequences

What brings a story to life is the degree to which you use these elements to assist your audience in creating vivid, compelling, intriguing images in their minds that are relevant to their own experience. How you tell the story is as important as the mechanics of the plot. Take the following:

“Now some of you know that I am very interested in the power and the possibilities of Magick and the other day I wished to communicate with a certain magical adept. Being versed in the principles of communication at a distance I brought forth my magical weapons and composed the necessary incantations and spells for my purpose. Having sealed this powerful magick I sort out and invocted a Spirit being who I could bind to my will for the purpose. Reciting a magical formula I gave this spirit a token of power that compelled him to deliver the message to my magical colleague”

or, in other words

“I wanted to get a message to a friend so I took out pen and paper and wrote him a letter. I stuck it in an envelope and went to the post office. I said “Can I have a first class stamp please?” and handed over the money. The postmaster took the letter and put it in the collection box.”

You can take any of those 5 key elements as the starting point for a story. Take some time to think about stories you’ve read, heard or seen that you enjoyed and practise identifying the 5 key elements. You can take any of those elements as the starting point for a story and in the hypnotic storytelling foundation course we show you just how to do that.

Yours Robin

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