Using stories in therapy 1



A story about therabee.

I know it’s a really bad joke but I couldn’t resist it.  As those of you who have been paying attention to the last couple of videos will notice I am talking a lot about this silly little bee.  There’s a good reason for that.  You see useful stories don’t have to be extraordinary or fascinating.  They don’t have to involve life changing events.  Even simple, everyday, mundane stories can be useful when you use them with intention.

So today I wanted to show you how I’ve used the story of the bee therapeutically.  Essentially in this context you want the person you are talking to, to identify with the bee.  In an informal context I’ve used the story just to plant the suggestion that they should relax, rest and find the energy they need before continuing on their journey.  In a more formal context you can really develop the metaphor more and frame it in such a way that “honey” and water” become more general metaphors for “food”, “nutrition” or whatever resource the person needs to feel healed right now.

By the way I wouldn’t use this story with someone who had a phobia of bees!!! As always it’s worth calibrating – paying attention to how your audience is reacting and changing tack if it seems to be going in the wrong way. I could possibly use it in the context of another phobia such as a phobia of flies or spiders or wasps.  In that context you would want your audience to identify with yourself, as the agent helping out the bee, in order to provide them with a resource experience of caring for something small and insect like.


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