Is there a formula that gives structure to whatever change you are trying to produce in a client?

How many formulaes would you like? Now I feel like making something a bit different this evening. Lasagne. So I’m going to look at a few recipes. I’ll do a search on line, I’ll have a look through my cook books. Lots of recipes and they will have a lot of ingredients in common because other wise they wouldn’t be lasagne but there will be differences and distinctions. And I’ll keep all of them in mind and let my palate choose what feels right when I follow my own instincts.

First there’s a structure to my own intention and state of mind when I work with a client. Whatever is churning on in my own mind, whether thats stuff thats going on in the rest of my life or thoughts about the client, I put them to one side and prepare to have someone round for a cup of tea and a chat. I hold a constant belief in the clients potential and a tenacious resolve that they will leave the room more resourceful and happier than when they came in. I invoke in myself, curiosity, empathy, mischeive, optimism.

If I decide to go the hypnosis route, directly or indirectly then there’s a set of stages I move through, getting attention, by passing and pacing the critical factor, deepening trance, suggesting early learning and the unconscious choice for health and well being before getting to those specific suggestions and stories that the client will learn from.

If I tell a story then that story will be isomorphic, it will be the same shape as the clients situation but the details will be different or vague or creatively unusual, the story will end with multiple choices, many ways of resolution. The story will contain the key hypnotic words and symbols I’ve already gathered from the client.

If I decide to go the conversational change route I will gather and represent, reframe, re spin, overlap rep systems and overload negation until I see my client surprise herself with the solution. If I use an NLP technique I focus on calibration and precision in identifying and structuring states.

Whatever route you choose to go by then there’s a simple thing to remember, a basic pattern that underlies all change work. There is a resourceful state of mind and body in which the mind is calm, focused and flexible, both hemispheres and all rep systems are clear channels in balance and waiting for input and the body is relaxed and flexible, ready to spring into action or remain rock steady.

Now you can put someone in a trance or you can have them climb a mountain with you, you can tell them a story or have them tell you one. You can use Reiki or massage or exercise or yoga or meditation or laughter through comedy! And as long as you can help them envoke that state for themselves when they need it you are on to a winner.

Now I hope I don’t overegg the lasagne!!

Yours Robin

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