The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Is it a guy thing?  The video I’m sharing with you today was a hugely successful advert for Dos Equis  beer.  I think it’s hilarious but what makes it so funny? And what’s that got to do with Hypnotic Storytelling?



I think what makes this funny is the contrast between the nonchalant and laid back character and the extra-ordinary feats he is credited with, but why is this appealing?

I suspect the truth is that many of us wish we were that guy!

Have you ever met someone who just fascinates you because they seem to defy your expectations?  I met someone a few years ago who I had the pleasure of working with for a while.  He was a gentle, quiet man who didn’t like to be the centre of attention.  He knew how to draw you out, to make you feel good about yourself, until he felt comfortable about sharing some of the things he’ld done in his life.

And what a life!  Despite his gentle and charming disposition he’d seen covert action as part of an elite special forces team in 6 different war zones.  He could kill you with his bare hands but he was also a NLP Master and a Reiki Master and knew more about providing medical attention for trauma than most doctors. He once cured a horse of a phobia of hose pipes!  When deer got injured on the road he would be called out to give them first aid. He was a European sports champion and for fun he would take part in the most gruelling endurance challenges known to man.  He could drive like a rally car driver.  He spoke four languages. He spent months in the jungles of India counting animals for a wildlife charity.

I wanted to be that guy!  But when you talked to him, he made you feel like the most interesting person in the room!

There are so many lessons in this for storytellers and what I learnt from “The most interesting person I’ve ever met” has everything to do with character and with presentation.  It’s possible to be charismatic and fascinating and to hold peoples interest and attention while still having integrity, manners, respect and charm.  And whatever stories you tell, what ever hypnotic tricks you think you’re using, the thing that will always shine through is your character.

Those of you who are planning to attend the Conversational Storytelling Masterclass in Amsterdam  from September 30th 2012- October 2nd 2012 will be finding out just how to make this work for you.  And I can promise you, if you do, for at least 15 minutes, you will be, “The Most Interesting Person in the World” :-)




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