The Dark Side of Hypnotic Storytelling.

When I first became fascinated by what you could achieve by combining the power of hypnosis with the power of storytelling I used to talk about what I was learning with a great friend of mine.

He hated it. He hated the mechanistic way that hypnosis and NLP talked about communication. He hated most of all the quest for power and control that he saw in the hypnosis world.

I understood where he was coming from. People do feel weak and out of control in their lifes sometimes, even people who seem like they have it together. People look to discover the ideas and the tools they think will get them what they desire.

It all comes down to desire and fear.

When you begin to explore the intensely creative landscape of people’s imagination then you are bound at some point to cross into the dark side. Imagination is pathological. It reflects our fears and our suffering as much as it expresses our joy and our hopes.

But the fears are just as imaginary as the desires and sometimes the best medicine is to laugh at them gently.

I think, as storytellers our job sometimes is to take the grit and frustration of our everyday life and turn them into something like a pearl. Like the fool who entertained the King, we can say things that are not permitted because we are only playing. We have to bring a lightness of heart, a belly full of laughter and the wisdom and strength to know the story has a happy ending.

In our work and in our conversations we have the opportunity to lift spirits, to imagine choices, and to begin to spread a little bit of guerilla kindness.

I have a secret suspicion the world is conspiring to help us.

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