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HD Version

Suitable for HD devices and faster connections.

MOBILE Version

Suitable for Mobile devices and slower connections.

Troubleshooting and Frequently asked Questions.

Streaming video.

What devices will the videos stream on?

The video’s have been tested on Apple, Android, Windows and Linux operating systems using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. They are encoded in the latest H.264 mpeg codec and the site is optimized for HTML5. If you have problems playing the files online you may need to update your browser and make sure your operating system has the correct video codecs. If you are using an older system, check that you have the flash player installed in your browser.

The streaming video isn’t playing- that thing keeps spinning round and round what should I do?

The video’s are hosted on Amazon’s servers. When you press play, Amazon starts copying the video to a server near your location. This means there can be a delay before the video starts playing. In most cases this delay should be less than a minute, and the video will play smoothly after that.

The video starts and stops as it’s playing, while the spiny thing goes round.

If you’re using the HD version of the video’s switch to the mobile version. If you’re using the mobile version already and it keeps happening then it’s a computery, internety type thing and you might have to wait until you have a faster connection. Alternatively, use the download links to watch the files offline.

Download questions.

Why have I only got 48 hours to download the video files?

This is a security measure to prevent hackers from linking to the files and copying them elsewhere. When I buy information products I want to know I have a safe copy to watch offline so I’m happy to trust you with the files. If you do want to share the course with friends so that you can practise together then please ask me for a referral code

Oops, I forgot to download the video’s and now the links have expired

Never mind, message me at the helpdesk when you’re ready to download and I’ll sort it out for you

You’ve downloaded the files but they’re not playing correctly.

Depending on your operating system and playback device you may need to make sure you have the correct codecs in place.

Video > Codec: H264 – MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1) > Resolution: 1280×720 > Frame rate: 23.976000 > Decoded format: Planar 4:2:0 YUV

Audio > Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) > Language: English > Channels: Stereo > Sample rate: 48000 Hz

The free and open source media player VLC  http://www.videolan.org/ plays pretty much any file on any operating system.


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