How to use hypnotic stories without coming across as strange and manipulative.


Several people asked a version of this question: How do you use hypnotic stories without coming across as a complete douchebag?

Well for a start there’s an important point to get clear about here.  If you are deliberately using a story to influence someone, to get them to change their mind about something then you ARE being manipulative.  Being manipulative is not by itself a bad thing.   A massage therapist manipulates your muscles in order to make you feel better; a lawyer manipulates words and evidence  in order to put the best case they can for their client; a hypnotist or NLP practitioner manipulates words in order to help their client find the resources they need to lead a happier life.  If your intention is in the best interests of your client, or in a broader context, the audience for your stories, then you are failing them if you do not manipulate them effectively.

If you go into a storytelling situation feeling uncomfortable about what you’re doing then your audience will pick up on that.  Storytelling is a perfectly natural part of everyday communication, it’s just that when you combine it with hypnotic techniques it becomes much more powerful and you can use it with more precision.

Practise telling stories for no reason at all.  Just for fun.  Make it a natural part of your repertoire and you’ll come across naturally.

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