How do I tell my own stories?

I recently moved from the world of corporate finance to being a transpersonal hypnotherapist. How do i connect my work with my own story so I am being me, rather than borrowing stories from the ‘expert’ story tellers I come across.

That’s quite a change isn’t it? From corporate finance to transpersonal hypnotherapist. Not an uncommon one though in my experience- I’ve met many clients who broke free of a rigid, souless world to embrace something more … human.

You must have some great stories to tell about how that happened for you. Of course you have a knack for storytelling. It’s part of your birthright as a human being. You can’t NOT tell stories. Just because you aren’t jumping up and down showing off in front of a crowd! (yet :-)

I remember when I first read Paul Auster’s “Mr Vertigo” something about it really impressed me. Here’s this story about a boy who is sold into the service of a Master Magician who tells him “If I haven’t taught you to fly by the time you are 12 then you can cut off my head with an axe”

Well sure enough he learns to fly and causes a huge sensation and you’d thing that that would be it, that that would be the story.

But the remarkable thing about the book, the thing that impressed me most was that it goes on .. after what you think would be the highlight of this kids life, well he becomes a salesman and he gets married and he’s just not the kid who flies anymore. That was something in the past.

Now I’ve worked in the theatre; I’ve been a musician; I’ve been a systems analyst and a computer programmer; I’ve been a corporate consultant; a teacher; a healer; I’ve been a roadie in the music industry and I’ve worked on building sites and farms. I’ve even been Santa Claus.

I don’t think any of these things is who I am. They are just what I do, what I was doing. And they are all wonderful opportunities from which to craft stories.

So WHO ARE YOU? What’s your story?

Have you ever been in love?

What’s the happiest you’ve been?

Do you know what it feels like when you acheive something special you’ve wanted for a long time?

What scared you most?

How did you come to change your life so radically?

What’s the most bored you’ve been?

The most frustrated?

What made you angriest?

When were you most relaxed?

What surprised you?

What delighted you?

As you explore for yourself your answers to those questions you’ll begin to see you already have a wealth of experience that you can call on. If you want to connect your work with your own story then you have to start telling it. You’ll find yourself on an amazing voyage of discovery. There will be challenges on the way but you won’t regret starting it. You’ll know yourself a whole lot better and that will enable you to understand other people so much more.

Good luck on your journey!


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