Have You Heard of Clean Language Yet?

As some of you know already, I’m a big fan of “Clean Language”.

Developed from the therapeutic work of David Grove the Clean Language questions are a great way of drawing out the metaphorical landscape around a clients core issue.

I use clean language creatively. Instead of focusing on a problem I use the questions to help someone explore their own imagination, building rich metaphors and journeys that they can then work into unique stories all of their own.

My friend Judy Rees has been using clean language for what she calls “intelligent influence”.


It makes perfect sense. Rather than going into a persuasion situation blind, you use the clean language questions first to discover the key images and power words that your audience needs to see and hear.

You can find out more using the link below:


There’s nothing to buy yet- just three really useful video tutorials to introduce you to the power of
clean language.

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