Can hypnotic storytelling be just as effective in the written form?

To what extent does being physically present make a difference in what is required for you to get the same result?

Oral delivery is much more effective.

All the principles of what makes a good story still apply in the written form- capturing attention; engaging interest and motivating the “audience” to keep reading; keeping the story relevant and moving the action along; creating believable characters and vivid images; eliciting strong emotional states. To understand just how effective this can be you only have to take a look over the direct marketing style sales page for a product you are interested in. Perry Marshall and John Carlton are two of my favorite copywriters and they are both excellent storytellers.

What is missing from the written form is the non verbal aspects of communication. In the written form these are limited to the physical characteristics of the page, the typography, the space between lines and words. It is still possible to use hypnotic language patterns, even embedded command (through the use of bold, italic or more subtly by altering the spacing between words) but the physical presence of the performer in oral storytelling makes a huge difference.

Gesture, movement, tone, volume, pace, rythmn, facial expressions- all these add to the impact of the story and all can be delibarately used to enhance the audiences experience and to mark out hypnotic messages and embedded commands.

More than this- your physical presence and the emotional states that you are capable of experiencing are themselves powerful anchors and drivers for your audiences experience. We have inbuild neuro-somatic (brain-body) circuits that resonate in harmony with the bodymind state of the people we are with- it’s how we understand what they are feeling, and these circuits kick in strongly during an engaging performance. You can use that fact delibarately to elicit the states you want from your audience. Of course this is what actors are doing all the time.

Having said that, of the top of my head I can think of three examples of books that are delibarately written as hypnotic, “brain changing” stories. The first is “All and Everything” by G.I. Gurdjieff. The second is “Adventures of Anybody” by Richard Bandler. The third is “Owl’s Story” by …… me :-)

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