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Eight Free Lessons in Storytelling.

Below you’ll find links to eight short (4-10 minutes) videos taken from “How to be a world-class hypnotic storyteller” recorded live in Amsterdam in 2012.

1) Why tell stories?

In this video Robin Manuell and Igor Ledowchoski discuss why storytelling is such a powerful and enjoyable skill to learn.

2) How do I know which stories are safe to tell?

People are often nervous about telling stories about themselves. In this video Robin gives you a way to think about the stories you choose to tell and the risks and benefits of sharing, or not sharing them.

3) This simple truth means you can connect with anyone.

There’s a simple secret that means you can connect with anyone, regardless of age, sex, colour, nationality, religion or income. I think when you get it, you’ll realise what a powerful tool for self knowledge it can be.

But I’ll be honest, I think some of you won’t get it- because you’ll have to accept that the people who most annoy you, are much more like you than you want to think!

4) The simplest stories to tell, and how to remember them.

One of the simplest kinds of stories to tell are those that elicit an emotional, or visceral response and the easiest way to find those is from your own experience.

In this video you’ll learn how to find those stories, and how to remember them.

5) Change your story, change your experience.

We can’t change the past, and sometimes we can’t even change our immediate present but we can change the stories we tell ourselves and other people. You can take your experience and frame it in a way which allows you to connect with the positive, passionate, life affirming lessons you’ve learnt.

And when you do that, it makes it easier for other people to connect with you. Watch the video below to find out more.

6) How to create punchy engaging stories.

So you’ve found an experience that elicit an emotion, or makes a human connection, or demonstrates your values in action.

But you’re thinking. Well I can tell it, but it doesn’t feel quite like a story. How can you improve it? How can you make it punchy, engaging and meaningful?

In this video you’ll learn the five elements that make a story. Think about your story with these elements in mind and you’ll quickly be able to tease out what’s important.

7) Everyone is creative. This game proves it.

Everyone is creative. It’s part of your birthright as a human being. Now, I have met a lot of people who didn’t believe that was true for them. But they tend to change their minds when they see the evidence. In this video you’ll learn one of the exercises we use to show people their natural creativity

8) Three Types Of Story That Build Trust And Influence.

Before people begin to trust you they want to know a few things about you. These three types of story can short cut the process.

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